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2021-05-03 01:13:07 (UTC)


Putting the food thing aside.
I wanted to go over the things I have control over.
Eating. What I eat. When I eat. If I do eat.
Looking/seeing. What I look at. What I allow myself to see.
Talking. If I talk. And what I say.
Reacting. Not so much if I react but how I react. And if I should express what I feel when reacting to something. That’s because I’m aware that being emotionless is not a possible feat for me and probably not a favorable one.

(Ex. My little brother scared me today for no reason. As I saw it, I had two options. 1-to open my mouth and convey how annoying that action was. And 2- staying silent and moving on after acknowledging what just happened. Of course, I picked number 2 because it’s easier to ignore him rather than interact. Sorry, not sorry.)

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