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2021-05-02 19:51:32 (UTC)

Perfect Weekend❤️

Listening to: Not too late - Three Days Grace
You have a soft heart, and a pure soul, that's why you feel everything so deeply. Be clear on one thing: this is your superpower, not your weakness. The world needs more of you so don't suppress who you are. It is not your job to heal every person you meet, but it's your job to make sure your kind nature remains intact throughout your journey. Stay close to those who genuinely appreciate you, and stay far away from those whose only goal is to take advantage of your energy. You are one of the rare gems the Universe has blessed with heightened clairvoyance and divinity. Keep shining your light everywhere you go.
Good Evening!🌙
Oh man, I am sunburnt lol. I made my way to the greenhouse today and bought some trees and planted them and retransplanted some hostas..I should have worn a hat lol. I am hurting lol. That will teach me. It was very warm out. With humidity, it was close to 30 celsius. I managed to finish my housework and then headed off to the greenhouse. I bought some seeds too as I want to try to grow my own flowers in the pots for my front porch. If that bloom, I will be a happy camper lol. I hung my sheets on the line. Nothing smells better than line-dried sheets. Looking forward to bed tonight. Was a good day :) It was a perfect weekend❤️

I had a new subscriber ask about a dating life update haha. First, thank you for following me and reading all my entries, and thank you for your kind words, It means a lot. I kinda want to keep that part of my life, private, for now. I will share it someday I am sure. I am not *dating* anyone, that I will say lol.

I am off tomorrow still, few days left. I have therapy tomorrow. I also have to take my car in for an oil change at 9 am fun!. Tonight I am doing a video call with my girlfriend as we play with our tarot cards. So I will write more tomorrow sometime.

I want to say thank you for the amazing feedback and support I have been given lately. It truly means a lot to me 🤗

Have a wonderful evening all!❤️