an emporium of emotion
2021-05-03 00:01:23 (UTC)


12:01am [song: sports]
whyy areee weee sooo commmpliiicatttteeddd

yes i may seem like a creep when i say this,, but please don’t take it the wrong way
i just love to scroll through my gallery cramped up with your face, my tiktok notifs that are filled up with u tagging me and ur lovely account that reminds me of how much of an angel you are rly
i just
don’t stop what you’re doing
you’re amazing please remind yourself that every day :))
anyways i hope that you’re getting ur deserved sleep
and i shall too
ily good morning :))

decided to not sleep yet-
i’ll continue to be a simp just like i should ;))
bro it’s not even cuz you’re pretty (don’t get me wrong you’re pretty asf) but it’s just the way you are really
the way you are just makes me know that you’re one out of the best out there, and the best person to me <3

11:53am [song: dancing]
bank holiday <333
anyways i love u besty ;)

10:16pm [song: her]
its fun letting u know how much i love u, but not when the insecurity inside of me its eating me up and im not doing shit abt it
bestie u can tell me if u dont have feelings for me anymore <3

10:21 [song: i love you]
whenever i say that shit ^^ it probs pisses u off and i rly apologize
its just this emotion that repeats so often that makes me feel some way abt the way u feel abt me
and im sorry abt that

10:22pm [song: i love you]
i know you love me, you spend so much time sharing how much u love me in different forms, and i love you so much for that