an emporium of emotion
2021-05-02 21:28:49 (UTC)


9:28pm [song: sunflower]
just decided to get all into my feels bc i was in my feels in the shower,, :P
anyways... tbh, even if i say ily or i love you or any form, that wont discuss the actually capacity of my love for you,, yes that may sound cheesy but idgaf. i love you, no i literally love you so much whether you'll leave me for someone else of you'll end up not loving me at all, and i'll respect that, but you gotta know i love and loved you <33
remember that you're the best person in my life and you have way more worth than you already think you have bc oh god u dont understand how precious you are to me
even if you glare at me, wave at me, hug me, text me, or even ping my phone, that makes me more in love with you than i already am
bitch you cant understand how fucking amazing you are
the way you draw, sing, play an instrument, laugh, smile, take pictures i dont fucking care what it is, you're literally more than i could ever ask for
even if i struggle to type, write or speak you just gotta know that u love u so fucking much and i never want to lose you
yes i may be a pussy to any obstacle of ours and you have the right to leave me for that, you just gotta know that you were the best thing in my life and you still are
even if someone would like me (LMFAO HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN TO A PERSON LIKE ME) or anything in general that will never change the way i love you
i love the way you're built (like a fucking pole but that makes me love u even more), the way you look, the way you speak, the way your draw and write, your humour, the way you smile at me and just the way you are really
i cant explain how much im in love with you and ur perfect imperfect flaws

9:36pm [song: show & tell]
i just love the way you exist and make people happy, including me
you make me so fucking happy even if u dont turn on ur camera, unmute ur mic or dont even look at me, i will always think of you and how you make me feel like the best person on earth rn
this makes me look like a fucking creep but thats not my intention </33

9:40pm [song: best friend]
im sorry that i cant draw, dance, sing, play instruments like you
im sorry that i can never repay anything u do for me
i really am sorry
i just
i try to repay u back in any way but i know that it never repays you in the form that u did for me
i love you so much for accepting that i tried and that you're grateful for my attempts :))]
you're such a good person ya know omfg i wanna slap u bc of that
yeah thats all
i think

9:47pm [song: OK]
i just want to lay in ur arms for the rest of my life
i just want to hug you for as long as i can think of
i just want to hold ur hand until i lose my hands LMFAO WHAT
i just want to be near u :]] i feel so safe around u even tho i might get beaten up by u at one point of life

9:53pm [song: for the first time]
youre so cute goddamnit
just marry me
kith me in rl pls :9

9:54pm [song: for the first time]
hmph just not on the lips otherwise u kissing crustyness.......

10:16pm [song: put your head on my shoulder]
i dont even know what to say anymore
im just speechless :PP
anyways ilove u so much besty u better know that
whether you a bush head or not imma still love being around u <33

10:36pm [song: pretty girl]
i need to shit but im busy loving ur stupid ass