no name
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2021-05-02 19:04:21 (UTC)


This is so embarrassing I just wanna kms. I don’t even want to get up and see what my room looks like. To realize what they just saw. It’s not their fault that I wasn’t prepared to let anyone see my room or myself. I must be an idiot to think I could relax like this.
What happened to “semper paratus”? Honestly, how bad do I need to mess up before I learn my lesson. I just want to go to sleep and not wake up.
I just took a peek and yeah, no. I’m. Just no.
Like, even if they knocked and didn’t come in, I wasn’t gonna get up and go to the door since I thought it was my sister. Plus, I’m not letting anyone see my legs with the shorts I’m wearing. I really feel like bashing my head against a wall. There’s only myself to blame. What the heck. UGH. And there’s school tomorrow. Someone come assassinate me please. Kidnap me or something. I don’t like it here.

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