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2021-05-02 12:23:38 (UTC)

Fancy a date?

From an incredible lay-in this morning, waking gently surrounded in the beauty of stillness and a fluffy loving kitty softly meowing "good morning" to me. My fingers reached between my thighs to meet with the fire that plagues me. My needy cunt.

After succumbing to her cries for attention, I melted into the afterbliss of soaking my moist digits.

My phone is pinging, I don't check it. Fuck off....into the shower I explore more of myself, orgasm and relish in the hot water.

Coffee, bacon sarnie. Still not checked the phone. Fed the kitty, open wide the french doors and the sunshine pours into the lounge, the fresh air hits my lungs......BLISS!

Yes, this is it. This is a life that fits me. You did well, T. Everything is your choice, any man you choose to fuck, to wake in your stillness or with a man beside you.

There are no demands. There is only good feelings, invested energy, hot moments and the freedom of your own space.

I don't need to crave, I can have what I crave without restriction and let it go after to enjoy more. There is no waiting on another, no discipline needed, no lies, or cheating. It's how I want it when I want it or not. It's a good life.

Been working on the new designs this morning in knickers and t-shirt while watching "Homeland" on Netflix. The kitty has been pouncing like a bunny in the garden on every tiny insect. Bliss.

The carpenter (bumble) is full on. Constant texting, quite insecure but very masculine looking, his body, fucking hell! I'm indifferent to tattoos on a man. Especially if I see them as a fuck and nothing more. He has incredible art on his body, very toned and big (not fat, muscular) but not over the top. Ugh, don't like super muscle guys. Unless, it's in their pants. Lol

Popped into the opticians, my daughter squashed her glasses. *rolls eyes* Can't have my child walking blind into school on Tuesday, lol.

Ed, is still sulking
Paul, is sulking again
Phil is asleep
Vicky (from hiking group) been texting again
Angela (from hiking group) also been texting

Bumble hasn't stopped texting. He asked me out on a date :)) Kinda, need my shed built to be fair. So, a date it is. Lol