my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-04-30 20:05:45 (UTC)

an average day

I was too lazy today. So, today wasn't supposed to be productive. I gave up fasting, so I didn't want to have breakfast in the kitchen. I had my breakfast in my room while watching videos about neuropsychology. After that, I joined my philosophy class. Then, I was going to play my guitar.Last night, I talked with one of my friends. He wanted some suggestions about guitar lessons. I tried to help him.
As I said before, I was too lazy today. So, I surfed on the Net too much. By the way, I had mbti personalities again. I'm still an intj, lol.

In the afternoon, I was going to study maths. Actually, I didn't want to do that so much. Then, one of my friends,she is also my neighbor called me. We went to a park near the our apartment. We talked and read book. After our meeting, I met with my aunt. She sent lots of food and desserts to my family. She was happy because his husband became a retired. Now, he has a retired salary, but I think it isn't a great amount. Actually, perfect for them.

After coming home, I joined a meeting. It was with the presidents of the voluntary club. I wasn't experienced about being president, but I was able to make a speech. It was exciting to me! Probably, that's better to me. I can overcome my nervous mood while making public speeches. The meeting lasted for an hour. Then, I ate the dinner.

After dinner, I studied German. I also drank coffee while eating the desserts which my aunt sent today. Some minutes ago, I finished "The Queen's Gambit". Last episode was amazing. Actually, it is an avarege episode and I guessed the end easily. -This can be a spoiler so be careful- The scene where Benny called to Beth for the last match was perfect. I think it can be my favourite scene. Because I remembered my friends for a short time.

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