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2021-05-01 17:44:11 (UTC)

Yo! Buzzy Honey wants the Yummy :P

Mmmmmm......that ten-mile walk along the coast with the sea air has made me H-O-R-N-Y! hubba hubba hubba! And I got me two FWB's bee's a-buzzing around for the fundango tango honey...LOL!

Hey, who cares if they are a little bit weeeeeeey and not quite right for my kingdom....the love boat has sailed, and the lewd sailoress is harbouring, eyeing up the treasures that await her:)))) Well, hardly treasures, but yeah, lol.

Yeah, I can safely say I am now past the old history of the 'my guy' era, lmao. IF he returns, which is on the cards, I'll deal with that then, but I'm not waiting on the winds to raise that flappy fucked up black flag. I got too much good shit right in front of me, and opportunities are not something I bypass. It is all in the essence of adventures and the good life, something I already have and will maintain.

Sooooo, on the walk today, 23 of us turned up. There were a few new faces, two women in their late 30's early 40's, and we gelled straight away. A girl called Vicky, who lives not far from me is fun and lively, and a woman called Angela is more grounded but adventurous, not as bold as Vicky, though. When she told me that she and her boyfriend were doing walking dates during the lockdowns, I pictured them fucking in the great outdoors. I know, I'm BAD! Lmfao

I do have another friend/colleague called Vicki. I dunno; Vicki's are always fun from my experience; we've had a few fumbles in the past when we've been out drinking. I recently arranged with her to "let's go out again"; she was up for it. I'll likely get all four of us out :)

The two women from my hiking group, Angela, has three kids but eager to get out and away from her responsibilities and party. It was her first time out on a walk with us. Vicky has no kids; she's already texting me and up for going out. Vicky and I were together the whole walk; she's a good laugh, interesting and had some great experiences in life.

That guy John, who asked for my number last time, was there again today. He beelined and asked again, and I was prepared this time, LOL. So I gave him my business card with only my business mobile number on it. Hahahahaha! He was not impressed :)) I was laughing inside.

Mr Carpenter (bumble) has been texting again today, puffing those feathers, this time with his sense of humour. He has a slight twistedness to him, and I like that. He is also a bit naive, which is not good around me! Haha, oh deary me! LOL Yeah, I am going to have fun with this one. I already imagined pushing his head down between my legs while I am sitting on the edge of something.....Eat this thirsty cunt, then feed me my cum with mouth to mouth, mmm, yeah baby! I don't know; I like to be helpful and relieve the tension, lol, whilst getting what I need. Mostly, sex.

Bumble is utterly free to come to me whenever; that's the stuff I need in my life. My daily responsibilities take a lot of control and organisation, and when my body says, "RELEASE", I listen. In the name of the Devil and all his horny whores, I succumb. Hehe, why the hell not? Cool pun there.

I might get him to ride me out on his Harley and fuck me over it. That would be cool! And then have him build my shed for me :P Listen, you should always have builders/carpenters as pals. LOL.

Phil has sent some funny shit again today. I sent him one of a serial killer chiropractor smashing someone up and blood squirting everywhere during his chiropractor appointment, lol. He sent me a meme of a kids slide that looked like a ginormous uncircumcised pink cock.

I gave dad a call, and it made me so happy to hear their tunes up loud in the background, and mum and dad had been dancing together and having a drinky-poos. They sounded so happy; they are happy because their baby girl (me) is championing the world. Dad reminded me to stay grounded for the business and day job and after that party like it's 1999...LMFAO. He actually said those words, lol. Yes, okay, dad, smh, think I can manage, lol.

He sorted my shares and stocks in the market for me, I gave him an extra £2000 I saved to spread across a few more, and he bought into Artemis, Fidelity, Bailee Gifford and Bny Mellon. He loved getting involved in that for me; bless him. Mwah, love you, dad xxx

So yeah, maybe it's just the silly cunts of recent days, i.e., the hot sex 'my guy' and oh, hang on that's it, lol. Just him. Either way, I got some awesome sex, which awoke my sex drive and confidence even higher! Cheers, you lovely cunt.

Life is gooooouuud! (Jim Carey stylie)

Tunage! Life is what you make it :)

Extra tunage....Love Creedance.

Right, I'm offski. Ciao!

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