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2021-05-01 15:30:22 (UTC)

George sent an ..

George sent an uncharacteristically angry message to group chat because someone ate the food his gf made him and left in the fridge.

I guess Bez ate it, because the rules around which shelves are communal and which aren't have changed. And it's not like it's something that's been brought up super recently, or restated. It's far back in the group chat. But Mina could've.

Anyway, so it's thrown me off because ofc it's going to make whoever did it really defensive. And it's disappointing but if it's something he'd had to bring up repeatedly before then I'd understand the reason for expressing that frustration with so much aggression.

And my desire to ragequit life is increasing.

I kind of wanted to go to a protest today, but I woke up late, and besides, not knowing anyone else going and Potential Consequences put me off. But I'd welcome some police brutality at this point.

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