Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-05-01 08:36:21 (UTC)

Walkie Talkie

The seagulls are calling, ahhhhh, to be beside the sea beside the seaside. Lol!

3.5 hour coastal walking and talking. Yes, thank you very much. Going to enjoy this!

The carpenter was texting all last night, man that dudes got mucky stuff going on....if we didn't get on so well i'd of stopped talking to already. Turns out he don't see his kid, jhfhgddhjjffvhddgh long shitty story short.

Anyways, he keeps fluffing up his feathers and impressing me with his craftmanship. Can't deny im a little weak with that stuff, after all my dad and brother are craftman too.

Anyhow, my new shed is coming the end of May, and Mr Carpenter (who I call bumble) says he will put it together for me, and I quote "With my eyes shut and one arm tied behind my back".


Nice one, bumble!