no name
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2021-05-01 04:31:53 (UTC)

No sleep

Bro it’s like 4:30am and I’m only still awake because a spider legit crawled across my pillow a few hours ago.

But I was thinking and-
I’d like to forget what my face looks like. And how my voice sounds. And how my body looks. And how it feels to be alive. And how other people look and sound. And social media and society along with any sort of interaction. I want to forget how to exist here. How can I forget?
I can’t become a hermit but. Yeah that’s all I’ve come up with. I don’t want to go through memory loss but to instead go without seeing—experiencing—any of it for so long that it no longer exists in my immediate memory. I’d rather feel that vague sense of deja vu.

Ahhh, whatever. At least it’s Saturday (: Homework isn’t so bad when there’s no live classes.