Being Sam
2021-05-01 06:53:09 (UTC)

Making Friends

I went to the pub last night with a few girls from work. We never just go to the pub and meet up but one of them is leaving to move to Wales, so we did it. We were meant to have 1 drink, say goodbye to her and head home. Yet we all sat talking and laughing for about 4 hours (in the cold I might add since you still can only sit outside) and I had a really good time!

I've always been pretty social and I love talking to anyone and everyone but I havent really had friends since I moved here (way back in 2015!) So I guess I forgot what it's like to go somewhere without your family. Which is a little lame now that I think about it. I just don't know if these girls would make the effort to come for drinks again now that probably the only other super social one of us has moved country! And that sucks.

I miss having a group of friends nearby who I can go and see and have a laugh with for a few hours. My friends are all like a 2 hour drive away and that honestly isn't even that far...and yet it means I see them maybe 4 or 5 times a year total. I want to see them every month and just nip round for a coffee (or a glass of wine) here and there. Where am I meant to find people to do this with? Because as much as I like a bunch of people from work, I don't think they like me well enough to be that kind of friend.

Somebody should warn you when you're younger and decide to leave your home city, that you'll likely never find good friends like before again.
I mean, I doubt it would have stopped me from following Dean to Scotland and then where ever he went from there, but I'd maybe have made more of an effort when I first got to the new places to join clubs or some shit so I had a reason to talk to new people.
Its hard, making friends as an adult