Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-04-30 22:18:33 (UTC)

Where One Cunt Roams, Another Cunt Follows

"Nothing feels better than falling in love; it's like a drug. Being in love is great, but the giddy falling part is the best. Staying in love is just plain hard work. Guess the thing to do is keep falling in love over and over again. Always with the one you can't live without." - Karen Kostyla

I am still feel that one day.

On a contrasting note, I am tired of people. Goodness is not qualified as sufficient anymore. Wholeness in a woman is a conquest to break her down. Authenticity is a target to find weaknesses in a woman. Courage is a magnet to make her fearful. Confidence in a woman begins as a good thing but ends with making them feel less of a man. Dignity is seen as prudish, and integrity is seen as opinionated.

I could go on, but the world is fucked. So far removed from cherishing the right things. I guess I am an old soul.

I am not feeling down, neither defeated, just wholly disappointed in people. I am pleased I have my corner of the world to replenish and maintain the heart of me.

There is too much emphasis on perfection nowadays and not enough understanding, compromise and decency.

As I said yesterday, fuck the world.
Added note; and all the cunts within it.

Including me, LMFAO.....

Joke, I'm special. You lot are the cunts.

My special person is out there, someone who gets it and shows it with his actions, not with his words.