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2021-04-30 16:54:27 (UTC)

Random Assortment - April 2021

Starstruck by Sorry [really good!!! so interesting]

Kyoto by Phoebe Bridgers [partially in celebration of her coming to Brown's Spring Weekend. If you can count a Zoom as a concert, lol...]

High by Slow Pulp

Montana by Slow Pulp [Reminds me of Lomelda... so nice, the sound of gold sunlight and 10 AM]

Everybody Wants to Love You by Japanese Breakfast [why is this on my playlist? I always end up hating Japanese Breakfast songs...]

Даже моя бейби не знает by Poshlaya Molly [Literally translates to "Even my baby doesn't know" but I think in English, it's probably more natural to say, "Not even my baby knows"—but both are correct enough]

Не бойся by ssshhhiiittt! [English: Don't be afraid]

Gnaw by Alex G

El Antídoto by Mexican Institute of Sound [Such an interesting song, my sister sent it to me]

Kind by Eisley [I remembered I used to listen to Eisley all the time in middle school lol. A relatively unknown band. I think one of the singers used to date the guy from Say Anything, who then later married Hayley Williams, and I was entertained by the connection. Anyway, this song is so pretty and sweet.]

なか (anglicized: naka) by tricot [math rock is not usually my thing but this is so fucking good]

チューリップ (english: tulip??) by Indigo la End

Para Siempre by Vinente Fernández

ユーリカ (english: eureka) by Kinokoteikoku

テレキャスター・ストライプ (english: Telecaster Stripes) by Polkadot Stingray

sad but sweet by Gesu no Kiwami Otome [wait... the lyrics to this song are actually interesting and not about love??]

Somewhere in Heaven by Lucia & the Best Boys [Another TikTokker. This song was fine, I liked it longer than I've liked other TikTok songs; like, I could see myself liking this artist again]

Angel of Doom by Shiro Sagisu [lol this song was played during the final battle in the first NGE Rebuild movie and I just :,) it was good]

Ведьм у нас сжигают by Alyona Shvets [Had to translate this cuz idk the first or last word. "We burn witches," is apparently what it's called!]

Мальчики не плачут (english: Boys Don't Cry) by Alyona Schvets

Расстрел by Alyona Schvets [Had to look this up. Apparently means "Firing squad" or "Execution," but someone translated it as "shooting down," idk. Idk if it's the type of Russian music I listen to, but I have a much harder time finding english translations than I do for Japanese music]

Child Psychology by Black Box Recorder [such a cool song. Reminds me a little of Peggy Lee's "Is That All There Is?" in that there's a period of talking and then a chorus, and the vocals themselves remind me of PJ Harvey's cover of the Peggy Lee song]

Even When the Water's Cold by !!! [Heard this in a DSW while buying heels for graduation, lol. The beginning is good, but pretty much 30 seconds in, I get bored. It's almost something you might hear on Night Vale, if it had less bass and were less produced; basically a smidge more folky/country, versus the indie-pop realm it's in right now]

Liquid Smooth by Mitski [SEXY]

Carry Me Out by Mitski [It's Mitski season. This song makes me feel: like it's 2018 and I'm on the porch at my piano teacher Polly's house at 10 PM, listening to the neighbors have a party while I drink wine by myself.]

Ojalá by Silvio Rodriguez [reminds me of "Time in a Bottle" by Jim Croce]

あなぐらぐらし (Hole-dwelling) by Kikuo [this song inspires visceral/placeless fear LMAO. Same chaotic vibe as "El Antídoto" but different sounds]

Thursday Girl by Mitski [AH hell yeah. Sad as fuck. "Tell me no, tell me no, somebody please tell me no"]