taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-04-30 20:06:44 (UTC)

get the fuck out of my house

"Harrison Ford's reaction to David Blaine's magic trick is all of us" - ET Canada

"Fans are celebrating Gal Gadot's birthday 🎉"

i revealed too much in an insta story on a whim. neurodiversity acknowledgement, of my. 11 views. i freaked out and deleted it which feels worse now. like i can't stand behind it being out there. which isn't true. (social media) vulnerability is cringe (when it's me).

anyway. gonna spend the rest of the day unsettled because of a made up problem that literally no one cares about or matters.


after the edible and wine hit edit: vulnerability isn't actually cringe. it's a good, healthy thing.. for growing, as a person. i'm just upset because I'm bad at being it. it's like, what's the scale to properly "come out" as autistic? broad audience instagram story on my 101 follower account? or, i mean, i drop little blims and bloobs in convos with T, but she hasn't asked any questions. there's this feeling that I'm putting people out. ew, why would you.. I'm I gonna have to like, do stuff? people are way less supportive than they think. not saying she hasn't been supportive. any explanation I can communicate won't convey the depth of importance ,... err

hey remember mr. robot? quality program. and I've always been intrigued, how a show that literally is a theatrical playbook on how to over throw capitalism in modern times theoretically. . how a show like that got on tv when it did? almost like the social and political elite daring (us). confident that everyone is still too captivated by the illusion to do a goddamn thing. not that this show is like, "woa that was amazing, let's do a revolution now." BUT nonetheless.

so I'm watching mr. robot currently hah

still haven't seen beyond season 2.. but we're getting there.

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