my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-04-30 20:05:45 (UTC)

you have to live the story that you laughed at before

I was a little bit depressive today. So, I played the guitar until evening. Then, I read some book. After dinner, I studied geography, because I had a geography quiz. Anyway, it was perfect. I got 30/30.

Also, I was added to lots of lots of whatsapp groups. You know, I was chosen as the president of the voluntary club in my city. There are only 4 active members in the club, but I feel nervous. Everyone calls me "my president". I used to laugh at a lot to this nonsense formality, but I have to experience it now. I hope I can handle this.

After my geography exam, I drank coffee. Then, I studied German. I completed my philosophy term paper. Next week, Iı'm planning to start math and German papers. I think they will be easier.