La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2021-04-30 13:52:32 (UTC)


Childrens day today in Mexico, my inner child has began playing arround and remembering what it feels like to innovate. I been imagining so many outcomes for my future that it's easy to get lost. How ever I keep reminding myself I need to take care of the imidiate situation first, I keep on finding people that are defenetly not on the same vibration as I am, and is hard to keep on moving on. How is it that some people seem to have it all yet are so missarable with their lives. I feel like the best way to live is not being atached to anithing, weather be feelings, things, people or places. Letting go is my ultimate task for the day and I will begin with a cup of coffee and my thoughts.
Realizing I am a toxic person in so many levels made me feel terible, and am doing everything I can within my power to change that, I am no longer a victim but a challenger of my own belives, I need to strip myself down to the core of what makes me who I am and built from scrach, not something easy to do, but I keep this in my mind, when you become that broken vessel and put yourself back together you fill those broken spaces with gold, meaning the love and forgivness that will not break but make you more valuable, I am no longer afraid of who I was, but am willing to let go of all that hurt and baggage that did not let me shine for who I am today.
I will keep on putting myself back together and let all this expirience and hurt shine trough withno remorse. I am more alive than ever and I will find the reason of my existance even if I can't quite see it yet, I see a glipse of that future and it's exciting.

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