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Days in my life
2021-04-30 09:53:00 (UTC)

My wackiest dream

A while back I had the most random of dreams to date. Like, I know I have quite the imagination, but now I know my subconscious is just creative with less reason. I will be adding a bit more descriptive details, but the story remains the same.

Experience my mind!

I was excited for the entire journey, knowing that I only have one test remaining to pass and get my ranking in the clan. THE day I can call myself a true ninja assassin. I was born for this. I have trained my entire life for this. Now I am on my way, the youngest of my group, to the next step.
The journey was longer than I expected, but I suppose that was to be expected considering how secure the encampment had to be kept. We were the best and most sought after; by our want-to-be comrades and enemies alike.
Sleep was nowhere to be seen, I was use to it and it took a few days for me to realize how little I got. It mattered little, we were here.
The walls stretched into the cosmos, sharpened logs from trees that had to be a few hundred years old each. No joinings to create the height, only the magnificence of nearby nature. The woods around were protected by us. We lived with it, not against it. Taking only what we need and always giving back. A favorite gift to the trees were the blood of our targets and those that dared step close. I heard the river in the distance and the rustle of night's creatures. Even in this excitement, I felt calm. I belonged.
The great gates opened to a buzzing community, celebration for the masters imminent. People scurried about to finalize the arrangements and make sure everything is perfect. It was the first night we would stand guard without any of the masters. Tomorrow; our final acceptance and welcoming. I looked at the grandeur being planned for the masters and thought of how I can't wait to be a part of that. High expectations, that's true, but I knew I will be that one out of forty who made it.

They lead us to the stables and explained the arrangements for the evening.
There are no ranks between us, we are equal.
We decide where we guard and how long.
Working alone or with others are also our individual choices.
The priority is keeping the encampment and its people safe.
Absolutely no disturbing the masters at any cost. They will be locked in the food hall for the celebration and no communication in or out will be allowed.
It was the night to prove that we were worthy of the rank.

The scampering soon went quiet as all but us rookies were left alone outside. Us against the world. The final test. Simple but with a heavy weight.

Hours led us to the peak of the night, the faint sound of the celebration sealed away like a forbidden chalice. The ruby of success close enough to see, but many years and battles away to allow embrace. The masters deserved a night to themselves. They raised us in the arts, after all. A feat that destroys near everyone outside of the clan. I know how lucky I am. I have lost many friends to this harsh world.
The silence grew louder and I grew uneasy. Staring out over darkened trees and mountains with only a few people in sight, I grew bored. I secretly wished for something to happen, even though this encampment hasn't been attacked in over a century.
I started counting trees in the sections they stood, memorizing every shrub I could see. I looked at the clouds as they covered and uncovered the stars in a slow, mind-numbing pace. This was going to be a long night and sleep was now nagging for some attention.
I sighed deeply and started calculating paces between high grounds.

Then my unspoken wish came true, I saw the glint of a blade in a treetop. Without much thought I knocked an arrow and loosened it against the tree. I could not be sure if this was an enemy or just a test, I didn't want to kill one of my own. I have always hated tests. The figure quickly jumped from the tree as my arrow impacted next to his head. Now in the clear, illuminated by the moon, I saw the emblem of the wolf's skull.
My heart settled and I smiled; it's enemies. The clan of the so-called undead.

I quickly gestured to my older equals to alert them and they passed on the message. Soon every pair of eyes were scouting out anomalies in the woods and attacking with arrows. We were the defense that night and there is no way we were not defending or hesitating to rid this land of another enemy. Grappling hooks started flying over the wooden wall and grabbing onto anything sturdy, followed by men running for the ropes and scampering like geckoes after a moth. I shot a few shadows from the distance until they went limp and fell, the excitement was even more than that of the anticipation of the next day. To my disappointment, the men started withdrawing and most thought that was all. I wasn't so certain, they didn't take their diseased. My suspicions were quickly confirmed by the grinding of metal in the distance and the creaking of trees as they fell to the ground. What followed none of us were trained for and shook many to their souls; a giant semi-mechanical dinosaur with wings of steel. The creature rumbled deeply as smoke rose from its mouth, crushing all that were unfortunate enough to be beneath its feet. Its eyes gleamed red and its mouth fell open in an unnatural way. A stream of oil gushed from the beast's throat and a spark set everything alight. This was a means for intimidation, and I can tell you how well that worked as everyone reared back in shock. The gate was effortlessly pushed over and the wolves came flooding in, clearly showing in mere numbers how the first wave were only scouts. I quickly pulled my shortblade and cut down any and all who dared approach me, throwing stars in the backs of those who managed to push past while their comrades bled life into the ground below. Heat and blood and blades and screams filled the air. I saw as someone tried alerting the masters, but the festivities were too loud and the doors barricaded from the inside. There was no time to pick a lock, the enemies were too bountiful and the beast was now pushing towards the hall. I climbed up the closest scaffold and made the jump to the roof with no hesitation, calculating the distance in my boredom sure played to my advantage now. I knocked another arrow and aimed for the bipedal lizard's eye. It screeched loud enough to make me flinch. It stomped in sudden pain and let another ball of flame and sludge escape its mouth into the air. Fire and ash snowed down causing most to seek shelter and disregard the enemy in front of them. Chaos ruled as us, the not even yet ranked of our clan, fought against the most notorious of enemies.
Many people have said that I was born without fear, but the truth was rather the opposite; I pushed myself to the limits to better myself because I had an extreme fear to fail. I am someone who will fight the reaper if I am not done with my missions.

I jumped.

My blade pierced through a soft spot in the scales and I slid lower, my hand acing from the grip and my knuckles white and bloodied. My other hand felt for the second blade and gripped it just as tightly, instinctively knowing its place. I drive the second blade through and the beast swings in discomfort, men from both sides jumping out of the way. I climb. Blade after blade, strike after strike, I end up on the unnatural monster's shoulder. It's now or never, my once chance. I just hope I don't have to fight off the reaper soon.
In one movement I plunge both blades between the scales in it's neck, creating two large gashes. They weren't deep enough and they are barely bleeding. A star penetrated into my leg and I bit my lip, I cannot fight a monster while simultaneously covering my back from other's weapons. My fellows picked up on that and shifted their focus to the men trying to get the pest off of their false god.
I continued slashing and the beast continued shaking and voicing its complaints. Then I hit it; the main artery. Blood spewed out and I made the wound worse and worse. Red flowed down like a river in spring, filling the wolves' hearts with unhuman fear. The barbarians started retreating as the mechanical beast fell forward onto the roof of the hall, making it creak under it's weight.
I had no idea how, but I was alive. I laid on my back on the roof, my eyes closed, my lungs burning. I desperately needed a bath.
The morning sun glared over the horizon, covering me in a warm wind. We won.
I heard as the doors unlocked and creaked open, then as my comrades hurriedly explained to the masters what occurred during the night. I smiled slightly as they told of my deeds.
The first reply echoed in my head, "You make the mess, you clean and repair."