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Living Without Lighting
2021-04-30 09:29:30 (UTC)

One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

I'd like to be proper with this entry however I'm writing it thirty minutes before bed, so it's just going to be to the point. Three months until college and I'm already in eye-watering debt. With my phone bill and car insurance tugging at my wallet, I currently owe my folks three-hundred dollars. On top of that, I'm desperately in need of a new phone as my current one is cracked to high-hell, and probably won't last until the end of the year. My job is only offering twenty hours max at the moment, and if I want to have any chance of making enough money to not rely on a loan I've got to be working at least forty hours a week for two months. In addition, I'm also very concerned with getting a job lined up FOR college, as I'd rather not be living across the state without a source of income.

While such chaos would typically be manageable, leave it to school to get in the way. I've got like twelve assignments to finish before the semester ends for chemistry alone, and I have no clue what the fuck I'm doing. Given the professor is asking for them merely days before the end of the class, I hope he's grading based on completion rather than accuracy. Ever since high school I've always rolled my eyes at the concept of the anal-retentive worker bee student, however for the past few weeks and for the next coming two that's very well what I am. On top of the job search, etc. I should've never turned down that liquor store position. I wonder if my agenda book has enough space to manage all this bullshit.

Such stress really made me want to smoke tonight, however after a hearty dinner I resisted the urge. My chemistry lab just really wasn't working out for me so I've decided to put it on hold until tomorrow. Hoping that when I wake up tomorrow I'll have a better perspective on things and be able to move forward. Until next time...

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