This Is It - 2021
2021-04-29 00:00:00 (UTC)

It's Gettin Hot in Here (so ignore all your responsibilites)


Last day of group therapy, and I still don't get how Wild the emotions were in the hypothetical group in my textbook. That fake group had more drama in every chapter than I could ever handle in my LIFE. I do wish the best for my groupmates though, they were genuinely pretty nice

Tried to go on a walk with my sister and the kiddos (aka: younger dogs) today, but it was much hotter than expected. Poor things were panting before we got too far - although I do suspect that Tiny Man was lying about how tired he was, since he always stopped panting the SECOND my sister picked him up. He just likes to be held sometimes. (But also it genuinely was hot - Apparently my mother's car leather has started to crack/peel from the heat. It's not even May yet!!)

I have to turn in a paper about some movie for extra credit tomorrow (have to do it to bring my grade up) and was I thinking about movies today? Absolutely not I was completely entrenched in D.B. Cooper info (though most of my look was trying to see what the visual tells between a real parachute and a dummy chute actually ARE). I'll do that tomorrow, not like it's a hard or boring assignment. The final exam that's ALSO due tomorrow... We're not gonna think about that just yet

Now we're going to pull a pro gamer move here that Z calls "An ~8 hour nap"