This Is It - 2021
2021-04-28 00:00:00 (UTC)

Fluffy Family


(I got completely thrown off by this thing displaying a previous entry every time I clicked "Write New Entry" and was way too tired to catch the whole "Press delete if this is a saved entry" thing originally. So this is here now)

Had a nice day of enjoying time with my sister and little pups (I say as if 2/3 of them aren't like, senior citizens) - We hung out in my room talking, the baby showed off her contortionist tricks, tiny man demanded pets like he does every day, old lady amazed us by still just. Being Fine. And then Sister and I cooked some manicotti (though it WAS Mostly Her).

That reminds me, though. Not sure I ever mentioned this little tidbit of dog behavior. So it's been well established that my son (the cat) demands attention almost constantly (he is yelling at me as I type this because I'm not hugging him), but I don't know if I've mentioned that our boy dog ALSO demands I give him attention every day. He gets so hyped when I finally get out of bed because he knows it means I'll pet him. He hops on up out of his blanket haven (he spends most of his time Hidden under blankets) and jumps on my legs to get love. It's adorable, honestly. He's so nervous all the time but so sweet with family

Oh, and I almost forgot, but I definitely shouldn't! Shout out to the gaming stream I watched today that made today a charity day to help hospitalized children's education, and raised ~$50k in around three hours. Those guys and the community are amazing, I love being a part of it

Now I'm going to go stop my son's screaming, because my family IS trying to sleep