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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2021-04-30 02:15:56 (UTC)

So much to grasp.

Have you ever been face to face with a moment in time where you have to let go? I men really let go! Well needless to say this last month has been quite the expirience.
I got to see my son after 6 months of him leaving, the same day my brother was pull off life support. And all these things have been there on hold for some reason. Life seemed to have fast foward and in a glipse of an eye there he was standing in front of me 3 inches taller. My yung boy grew in to a young man over night. And boy did I missed him. He kept on huging me and wispering you missed me mom and all I could do is hug him back and smile with tears in my eyes.
So much has changed I also went to the grave yard and got to sink in my brothers death. Not an easy thing to do if you ask me. Am just greatful my family and I got to be back home for a few days and witness a love story begining with my nephew getting married. Beautiful ceremony, lot's of love went arround with hugs and story telling of how them two met. It was an extraordanary event. And so worth the 2 days traveling to be there and 2 days back.
Now is time to settled in and try to get my emotions back in order.