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2021-04-29 21:37:14 (UTC)


Quick entry I'm tired from sitting atop my mountain today, LMFAO!

Ed is suffering from his narcissistic wounds, lol. Because discovering he become needy for my attention and not receiving it when he expected it pissed him off and drove salt into his wound. As a result, Ed has not contacted me today. He can continue; I'm not texting him; I am indifferent. He is not my responsibility; he has a wifey indoors for that, lol.

Paul, who also felt wounded and ran away for two days because I wouldn't divulge details of my masturbation to him and neither text him while he was sulking, has returned. Lol with a very positive, "Hello, hello! How has your week been?"

Hahaha....this is too easy.
Also, indifferent with Paul.

The carpenter who shared photos of his business signage and completed jobs, went silent all day, so I did the same.

He texts, tonight though, "Hey! How was your day?" I'm not responding; you don't wait till late evening to text me how my day was.
Also, indifferent in his case.

Phil made me laugh, sending me a photo of a woman adoring her cat but with a shit-ton of scratch marks all over her with a funny slogan and some funny memes.

I gave my dad all my passwords & security details of the company I hold my stocks and shares with and asked him to fiddle about with them in the market and invest my money in boosting them. He loves all that jazz; he has a ton himself and always talks about them to me. He was chuffed. It gave him something to do other than woodturning his carvings. He is so talented with the carvings he creates.

'My guy' is an investor too; he was always opening up his shares and the markets on his phone, showing me his investments, telling me what he's doing/planning on doing etc. etc

I checked out four riding stables this morning, brought it down to two to choose from; I was hoping to book in a two-hour hack on Monday. My daughter wanted to join me, but they're all booked up. Ugh, never mind, we will book in for when they have availability, then go to the same stables regularly, with or without my daughter, when she has plans. At least I can then open the horse up and ride like I like to ride - fast!

I had a mega fantastic day with the day job today, securing two contract accounts I had been building business relationships with; I have many orders going out for both in May and June to the tune of a combined 81k.

Dedication pays off if you're selective and target intelligently.

I'm out with my new walking buddies on Saturday. Well, I can go Saturday and meet them up the coast or go Sunday and walk locally and do the pub still debating. Both walks are 10 miles. My daughter is staying at her best friends house over the weekend, so the world is my oyster. I wish I were throwing in a few hours of fucking, too, ah well. All is not lost; opportunities always find me :))

Typos can swivel :p

Hmm, that wasn't a quick entry. Quickies are overrated anyway.