my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-04-29 20:58:00 (UTC)

better connection

I didn't have a good internet connection to write my diaries and join my lessons for a short time. Actually, everything is the same, but there can be some changes.

Today, I had to wake up early. Because my father had online classes. Tomorrow, the curfew will start for 17 days. So, I won't able to go out for a long time. I wanted to visit some shops and buy some yarn today. Instead of that, I had to go to the pharmacy, and buy medicine for my grandmother. Of course, I went her house,too.

First of all, I went out to buy her medicine. After that, I was going to buy some yarn, but streets were too crowded and I didn't have enough time. While I was going to my grandmother's house, I went to a bookshop which was on my road. I wanted to buy a book with rest of the medicine money. I was going to buy "Leo The African" by Amin Maalouf, but I didn't do that. I wish I had done. Anyway, I visited my grandmother after buying the medicine.

At my grandmother's house, I didn't want to stay there so much. Because I haven't been joining my classes for almost a week. I told her this, but she didn't allow me to go home. She told me that studying is a useless thing in our time etc. She doesn't know that we have to build a future for us.

In the evening, I arrived home. I don't want to do anything nowadays. I tried to study maths, but I couldn't do that. After dinner, I studied a little bit German. Language classes are better.
Also, I accepted the offer. When I wasn't here, I had a offer from the voluntary club. Now, I'm the president of the group. I think I'm not ready for it. Because all of the setting stuff are boring to me...

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