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I Hate Middle School
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2021-04-27 14:26:33 (UTC)

Welcome To The Club I Guess


So I don't really know what this entry is, I was just bored in class so I'm sorry if it's a bit of a mess. I guess I should probably talk about the title first so yeah. I was talking to Kiarra the other day and she told me that she was finally sick of Avery for some reason or another. I don't mean finally like I was waiting for it to happen, I just expected it to happen so I wasn't too surprised when Kiarra told me. Apparently, Kiarra was sick of constantly being spammed at all hours of the day and night plus, Avery complaining about all her personal problems to Kiarra. I think Kiarra finally realized how clingy and possessive Avery was and still is. As you'd expect I just said: "Welcome to the club" and left it at that. I don't really feel like talking about my friends behind their backs, never really have, so I just kinda agreed, told her to put Avery on silent, and let it be and she seemed fine with that. Avery has always been the type to talk about friends behind their back and that taught me just how annoying and horrible it is. Whenever she starts talking I for one am not having it, I usually just tell her to shut her mouth and give her a dirty look, and eventually, she stops realizing I'm not interested or even listening. I've just kinda learned to control my curiosity and not get involved. I used to not be able to control how badly I wanted to know something (like all the other girls my age) and I'd beg for them to tell me but now I know better and I make sure to overthink everything before even wondering whats going on. I think if it would make anyone uncomfortable, I think about what they might say, I think about EVERYTHING. Then if I still think I want to know I wonder how I can ask it. Then I usually chicken out and never really care again but if I still care then I just ask and keep it to myself. Honestly in my opinion at least, I think I'm a good secret keeper. Sometimes I almost spill but I never do unless someone is being hurt or something. Like a good example of me being a good friend happened this week UuU. I was sitting in class when Avery went to share a doc with me and pointed out Vinnys pfp. (Some background information; I was in the excel class which is a secluded class of special kids. It's kinda like a special needs class but instead of having a disability we were... idk we all had ADHD which was mistaken for being bored due to a higher IQ. We were together doing advanced stuff for three years making us more like a family than a class. So yeah we were all good friends and knew Vinny though he was definitely the hated child in the "family". Ok back to the story, Avery was sharing a doc with me when she pointed out how Vinnys pfp was the bisexual flag. We of course already knew cause no strait person has that many patches on their bookbag. Plus Vinny definitely gave off the vibe. But yeah Avery said we should ask him about it but I said no cause it seemed personal and I didn't want to make him uncomfortable. She was upset but fine for a day or two but said she was gonna text him about it instead of saying it in person cause she was scared. I told her to go ahead and try not to be too pushy (cause Avery definitely will be but there's no stopping her) but then she said she didn't have his number and that I should give it to her. Usually, I'd be okay with her texting him but I knew she was gonna use him for the info and tell everyone. I said no and she got mad but she was over it by the next day. Instead of her texting him and telling everyone I decided I was going to ask him for myself. And so I did and it was a nice conversation. I said nice pfp and he was like "mhm" and we just kinda talked, a little bit about him, a little bit about me, a little bit about other stuff, and a lot a bit about our pets. After that, we had to go and it was all good. And I DIDNT tell a soul UuU... Until now but this doent count cause no one even reads this and the 2 people who actually do read this definately dont go to my school let alone know or care about Vinny.