taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2021-04-29 07:16:22 (UTC)

oh baby give me that sweet immune response baby

prize pfizer. i write to you from the other side. from a place of blossoming immunity. that tangy mRNA nectar is coursing through my body as of yesterday afternoon and i could not be more fucking into it. my arm full on hurts now and sleep has been minimal - truly remarkable. a mountain of bullshit scaled to reach this moment. in this sting and pronounced ache I can feel the pangs of humanity. "we've" gotten so many things wrong and have put ourselves on a collision course with a disastrous near future, but in this pain echoes a feat of human goodness.

I'm rooting for you, still, improbably. please get this right. at least try.

people who turn down a vaccine (without valid medical reasoning) are cops.

also, my vaccine giver was a total babe and had extremely warm vibes (despite her cold hands) and drew a happy face on my possible after effects information sheet.