Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-04-29 00:36:54 (UTC)

Needy Eddie, lol

Ed, is getting needy. While, I have maintained my jjhfxstjkigdvhjfdgjhgjblah to a sensible heartbeat per lightspeed, LOL.

In truth, earlier today he triggered me and I dropped everything I was doing and royally fucked myself. But I didn't imagine Ed, even though he set me off. Nope, 'my guy' was fucking me (in my imagination) and I exploded twice.

Me and 'my guy' invested in some monster dildos, no not gigantic ones! Their like alien tongues, tentacles, demon cocks etc. I used the ice pink glass octopus tentacle, I adore the glass ones, feel so good.

Sometimes I don't realize how much I do in day with my multi-tasking of both my day job and my business, school runs, exercise, hobbies, cooking and then my social time with friends/texting/calls.

Of course, I don't do my hobbies everyday (which consists of my favourite things, horse-riding, fucking, hiking, fucking, countryside fucking, and driving fast and fucking. Not at the same time, lol) but all the rest is a daily thing.

So I don't know why I was surprised that after eating one of my concocted salads, I feel asleep on the sofa for a few hours. By the time I awoke, I ended up sitting in the garden as the night rode in, with a coffee and the cat, and it was so peaceful. I ignored my phone, only checking after I showered much later on.

Ed, had sent messages wanting to know how it's going with dating sites, guys etc. I haven't told him yet I deleted them, however, a carpenter jumped over to texting from one of those sites. He sent some messages today, his got a Harley Davidson bike, it's very nice and runs his own carpentry business. He asked to see my new branded logo and bits and pieces then sent me a photo of his new sign he had done for placing outside completed jobs premises. He also sent me photos of jobs he completed, FUCK, they were quality builds. I was impressed.

I never responded to, Ed but his last message was near to midnight saying, "Come on! I'm being needy over here." lmfao, good stuff you carry on being needy.

Phil text throughout the day just checking in on me, make sure im alright. It's nice to have a male friend who doesn't want to fuck. They are far and few between in my world. Phil, lives in America, Kentucky, we've been friends for about 5 years.

Not spoken to Rach or Sarah.

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