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2021-04-28 08:46:10 (UTC)

Unplanned extra Zen time 😊

So....I telework in the morning. Desktop support patched my computer and jacked it up. Can't remote into it so it needs a reboot. No one can get to it before 9AM. In the past, I'd get upset because I got work to do. But now? Hell no!! Extra Zen and coffee time!! Woohoo! So I'm kicking back a little bit longer and enjoying the extra unexpected free time this morning. hehe There are always projects needing to be picked up. It's never-ending so I don't sweat it anymore because you'll kill yourself thinking you'll ever catch up.

Been watching more youtube and it's great not having commercials on it anymore. Subscribing is well worth it in my book. I think it was around $11 a month give or take $1. For now, flavor of the month is "Better Bachelor". Still not sure about this guy. I may agree with maybe 10% of what he's saying but meh... seems like they are a bunch of angry lonely men. Sorta. But they do paint an ok picture of the dating scene and how social media is making it tougher. To me, I still think there is that "girl next door" and won't mind if I open the car door or any door as she walks in (except the ladies restroom maybe? lol). But that's me. My ways may not be up to societies standards anymore. But it's ok. I'm happy inside and for the longest time, I wasn't able to get where I am right now. Life to me right now is at the first stage of "rainbows and unicorns". 🤪 No matter what, things are going pretty well and I'm going to ride this happy wave till it subsides because I already know life will have it's peaks and valleys.