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2021-04-28 12:28:11 (UTC)

Fuck people

I never understand how people can say they're a people person. It's like why? In my experience people are generally assholes and then you come across a few nice ones here and there. That said, I decided not to initiate any conversations on OK Cupid. Its like, they click that they like you. So you say hi and then its either radio silence or they say hi back, dont take any responsibility to say anything of substance in the conversation, and then stop responding. It's like I understand it can be awkward getting to know someone new but why are you on the app if you don't want to even try. Annoying. Seriously. So I'm not going to bother unless someone goes out of their way to talk to me. I just sort of have it there as an open door for meeting interesting new people in this lonely, secluded, pandemic world but I have a partner and I have other people to associate with so fuck it.

Other than that just annoyed with the usual bullshit and greed of working in a hospital. Everything is about taking full advantage of people that need help. How much money we can make from them, how many doctor's asses can we kiss so that they bring more business. And then on top of all of that, the pandemic literally doubles my workload and after a year into this shit, I'm just fucking tired already. Yet there's no end in sight. If it wasn't for my upcoming vacation. I'd actually welcome jury duty just for the opportunity of escaping healthcare for a couple of weeks.