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2021-04-28 10:55:21 (UTC)

Ed, You Fucktard! Massive Ginormous HUFF....

Oh my days, ED! You sexy fkn teasing mofo! Grrrrr, there's me religiously breaking the 'dull your fkn sex senses woman' mindset malarky and Ed, strolls along with his luring affectionate messages. THEN he tells me he's bored with work and going to the gym and sends me a very alluring, super sexy, makes my vag pulse, intimate short video. Where he is in his office, and he hovers the phone down his ripped chest, resting under his classy shirt and using ONE HAND to unzip his jeans and offer a glimpse (without showing me all) of his excitement for me lurking beneath his jeans.



O>M>G, my libido is going mental crazy, craving more, more, more... and it's all 'my guy's' fault for giving me lots of bum sex. (and the other stuff lol) Sooooooooooooooooo, unfair to leave me in the lurch! I'm not a cheater but fuck man, talk about TEST me to the MAX!!! He knows I am insatiable!

Fuck the World!

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