This Is It - 2021
2021-04-27 00:00:00 (UTC)

Final Stretch


It's finally officially upon us lads...Finals week!

My first final was today, which wasn't very stressful at all because it was non-cumulative and open-book, but a final exam nonetheless. One class that I have now Finished for the semester. (I got a 96 on the exam, which was still much higher than I expected since my prior exam average was in the mid to low 80s) The rest are strewn throughout the rest of the week. Then I should PROBABLY look at what classes I need to take in the fall/potentially in later summer semesters

I went on a nice walk today. Must've been a faster pace than I realized because I managed just over 7 miles in 2 hours and 2 minutes. It was an interesting couple of hours. Right as I started, I happened upon a little fledgling in the middle of the road (where walkers travel as well - we have no sidewalks) and so I picked the little guy up and moved him to some nice grass. His parents didn't appreciate me messing with their baby - which, understandable - but were fine to fuss over him after I'd set him down. Fun note: birds will NOT abandon their babies if you pick them up. It's a lie you tell kids so they don't hurt them or take them away from their nest. You should let fledglings jump around and practice flying, but you can pick them up to, say, move them out of a dangerous street. Anyway, I named the baby Fletcher. (I also moved a lizard out of the street and got a nice look at the first rolly polly I've seen in I don't know how long!)

And now I'm all tuckered out. My cat and I took a short little (cat) nap before my final, but it wasn't a real Sleep. I might steal him away for real bedtime too though. Little traitor keeps snuggling with my mom because she goes to bed earlier. Fine. See if I give him any little cat gogurts.

I will. I will give him little cat gogurts because he loves them and he's too adorable and I am weak and give him whatever he wants even if he is a little traitor

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