Nick's Journal
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2021-04-27 22:57:54 (UTC)

I keep calling and calling

oh my god I am so happy right now! I just want to savour it. for the past few months I have been going through the arduous process of reactivating my law license. I had to deactivate it in exchange for a license in Austria while I was practicing there (long and complicated story, trust me). so when I got back I honestly didn't expect to get a job this quickly and I made sure to disclose to my boss the whole situation (that I couldn't practice law until I was reactivated). so it was all good with her and she was super supportive butat the same time I was really anxious about getting it reactivated.

and let me tell you. it was a process. I had to take 45 hours of continuing legal education (like going back to law school) PLUS another 15 hours of live reinstatement classes. then I had to complete a 33 page application (listing literally everything I've ever done in terms of employment); had to undergo a character and fitness review and then the last part: pay the application fee (my god that was hard).

now I'm going to set aside the whole exchange I had with the bar association as to whether or not I had sent certain forms (I had I have the email to prove it) and whether or not they sent me an email informing me that those very same forms were still missing (they didn't send that email). so what am I going to do? argue with them? they have my livelihood in their hands. i just picture them being like, "yeah well, we didn't get it so what's up punk bitch? you gonna resend or we going to have to reexamine your character and fitness? because to me, anybody that is calling me a liar doesn't seem to have very good character or fitness for that matter, so what's up son? where them forms at?"

then when all was finally in there came the matter of paying the filing fee. it should have been simple, just call this one lady and give her my credit card information. for a straight week I tried reaching her, leaving messages. nothing. I inquired about other payment methods, they only accepted check which had to come from an account with my name on it. well, since I live in the 21st century I don't have a check book! plus I just got back from Europe. dude I was so happy when this lady finally picked up. I have never felt such elation in all my life about something so mundane.

so I just got an email that they are pleased to inform me that they have recommended me to the Supreme Court (state not the big one) for reinstatement. YAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!! oh my god it's like a weight has been lifted off of me.

now I get to do the whole thing over again to register in the state that I am currently located. so yeah, but at least I will be a barred attorney in two states! pretty sweet! and well worth the effort. I'm just proud of myself for having completed this thing. it was frustrating at times and made me anxious but I achieved something. I'm thankful for that.

lastly, I'm seeing a girl that's really nice and great and...oh yeah...she lives in her van. we had the best date hiking through the park and we got so lost in conversation that she all of a sudden stopped, looked up around herself and said, "huh, that's weird"
"well we're in the middle of the woods off the path, I would never have allowed myself to get this far out with a guy."
that for some reason made me feel good about myself, like that I am not giving crazy psycho murder vibes.

and she has a job and a house (which she is in the process of selling) but she did drop that she will from here on out move into her van and travel the country. because of course the one girl that is nice, interesting and easy to talk to has to have that one quirk that makes it impossible to establish anything long-term.

c'est la vie.