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2021-04-27 22:03:42 (UTC)

Only one bumblebee for me....

So I deleted the dating apps. I'm not ready for that, and I have been pining for 'my guy'. I can't help it; I'm human. I still have feelings for him.

Ed has been gracious and still supportive, more like a friend than anything more, and he has tried to connect with me today. He felt horny, lol, but I reverted within myself and concentrated on my business and day job.

I've got a logo company designing my brand business logo, highlight covers, brand mockups and a FB banner for my business page. So I'm pleased about that. An advertiser on Instagram promoted my business again, randomly, which was a pleasant surprise.

The day job is going fine on target this month/quarter, and looking forward to an accumulated big bonus payout next month. That will be going straight into my savings account, maybe a holiday somewhere later on in the year. I want to go to Iceland and watch the northern lights, perhaps a winter holiday. I've too much to keep me busy until then.

I had got a bubble blister underneath my foot from the 8-mile walk last Saturday! Grrr, it because I had new walking trainers! It's irritated me big time because I haven't been able to run since, fkn annoying! So, if it wasn't bad enough, my sex drive is going psycho on me; now I have my fitness irritation bugging me. I need my release in my daily exercise to help maintain my sexual cravings and keep my mind focused and stress-free.

It doesn't help, 'my guy' is taking time out to sort issues out. I do miss him, but I'm carrying on with life, getting shit done and keeping my mind in the right place.

I can't be dealing with dating sites, a shit-ton of men and all the boring chit chat that entails. Phil has phoned to check in on me again; he doesn't stop talking, lol. He's a good nut with no ulterior motives.

My best friend is still holding out on her narky moody ways; she can carry on; I'm indifferent. I can't be arsed with her shite right now, been her safety support for long enough; her last on stage drama was too much. Not on.

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