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2021-04-27 12:03:02 (UTC)

Jury Duty

So I get a summons for jury duty right before I'm supposed to go on my trip. Ugh, so I had to write a letter to the court asking to be excused. I tell you one thing, I will not be going either way. Let them fine me or throw me in jail. I dont care.

Steve is being a royal pain in the ass. He has this habit of demanding that people do things and then when they show up to do it, not letting them do their job. He got evicted from his last apartment. It wasn't all his fault. The landlord was an asshole who wouldn't fix a giant leak in his ceiling or a number of other issues but he made it worse because when they finally scheduled for repair people to come out, he didn't make himself available. He told them to come back when he felt like letting them in. And its not even like he had major plans that they were imposing on. He was just being difficult. So he's trying to pull the same shit now. These construction guys were working in a neighboring apartment and accidentally drilled 4 significantly sized holes into our wall. So, I asked nicely for my super to fix it and he said okay but now Steve is saying that if it involves moving furniture, then he will not do it. Fucking asshole! So now, if he won't cooperate, I'm going to have to take off of work to ensure that its done. He really is a giant overgrown spoiled brat.

Ugh, anyway started my day and thankfully its a quiet morning for me at work but sadly, as I was coming into the hospital this morning there were a bunch of cop cars and police everywhere. It turns out that an officer was directing traffic and he was hit by a drunk driver who was driving with a suspended license. He was taken to our hospital but he died. He had a wife and 2 kids. Very sad. Very sad indeed.

Now if I was sitting on a jury in a case like that, it'd be easy to make a decision but what if I'm not. I'm really not comfortable judging other people so I hope this judge fucks off and leaves me alone. I want to go on vacation without this shit hanging over me.

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