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2021-04-26 21:51:27 (UTC)

Got dinner down to the T 👌

Today, I did the work thing and gym thing. All good. The day went by quickly. After gym, went to the Covid free Supermarket and impulsed shop for dinner. No clue on what I wanted for dinner. Walked around and impulse shopped as usual. Tonight was steak night I guess. Got dinner down pat.

Turned on the stove, put some ghee on because I dunno. I had ghee and figured why not? It took about 2-3 min to heat up using my fancy-smancy Lou-Crow-day cast iron skillet. In the 2 min it took to heat up, I trimmed the fat off my steak and seasoned it accordingly. Dropped my steak on the skillet and immediately began to chop up onions for my saute. After 3 min of frying, flipped the steak over. I love how that this thing has an awesome sear on my steak. Chopped up some onions while the other side of the steak was cooking. After 3 min, pulled the steak and poured the onions on. While that was frying, I got my broccoli and put it into my mini steamer. Nuked it for 1:30 min. Poured my mushrooms on and added some wine, soy sauce, and vinegar. Stirred it for a few more min and voila!! Dinner was ready. Steak with my sautéed mushrooms and onions, steamed broccoli and it's was an awesome dinner. All cooked in like 10-15 min.

I should prep more for camping but meh... feeling lazy right now. Now it's time for some wine kicking it on my comfy sofa and just veg out :). Maybe later tonight, I'll be inspired to do something but chances are pretty low on that. Oh yeah, while I was cooking, I checked with my Alexa that's in the kitchen on my online orders. I should be getting all my stuff before I go camping. I keep adding to my shopping list as I figure out more on what I'l be bringing to camp. Just for fun, I told Alexa to put "orgasm" on my shopping list. She repeated by saying. "Orgasm has been added to my shopping list" Haha 🤪. Being fun stupid I know. I'm gonna blame Covid quarantine on this one. But it's still so funny stupid to hear her repeat it.