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me and my life
2021-04-27 04:28:04 (UTC)

And the bad luck continues

I met a guy on okcupid and we both were getting along so well, but something happened to him and he cut the communication. On asking up on he told he has personal mess and he doesn't want me to involve in it. Errgghhh... What a total waste of time. Am fucked up like anything. Whatever I start to do is jinxed by time. Nothing is working out well.. I suppose he met someone as I find him 24*7 online these days.
He reply to my texts late, he text me sometimes. Whatever he said was right but then why did you start?? Lolzzz ppl have gone mad I guess... Or maybe it's just a lifestyle way of banging me down gain.

Oh life oh god. Interesting bana do is life ko plsss thoda tho bhi. That guy was a perfect match for me except his personal issues which might run long time. Ibhope he gets out of it soon. He was a kind man and a good person. He helped me to remake my cv and all he always motivates me so I liked him. Anyways I can't force anyone but I was left heart broken....
Life is going waste and corona is same. The situation is same as it was a yr back. And I feel negative... Everything around me is negative... My future is in adnheraaaa... I need to find a job and a guy asapppp
Cya good day