2021-04-26 15:51:52 (UTC)


I resisted the temptation to call in sick this morning. The urge occurs frequently due to the heavy, heavy workload. I basically live from one vacation to the next, feeling incredibly stressed and overwhelmed between.

One thing worked out at least.. my dipshit, irresponsible online teacher finally showed up and corrected some issues. Thank God. Thats a huge weight off of me. Now I just need to do the final and kiss this nightmare semester goodbye.

I'm so excited about my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico. I haven't been on a proper vacation in years. We work hard and deserve it after all. I was a little worried about the money but I wanted to create this memory with him. I'm grateful that he's not so sick that it prevents us from going. If I have any money left after, I will take an additional class this summer. I very much want to get the fuck out of school. Even one extra step to shorten this burden would be excellent.

Its lunch time and I'm not conversing with the staff at all. Even on their break they often discuss work and I couldn't be less interested. Theres got to be more to life than that.

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