If I die today
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2021-04-26 07:41:33 (UTC)

feel the burn

I just finished a workouts first I did the usual classical stretch and since the sin splints I'm not countring on running I did another classical stretch with a diffrent instuctor so an hour total. To my suprise I can adapt to the new instructor so I'm trying new things and I'm happy that I didnt try to start picking up yoga and that I choose something more reasonable less likely to be evil. Been awake since a little after 5 I started moving close to 6ish I think it was aroung 538 when I was brewing coffee in the press . I got antsy and went ahead and tried to burn off my own cherry angolmia or however you spell it the red moles. So I cleaned the arew with an alchol swab then cleaned a paper clip the same and unbent it in a manner that gave it an arm and I heated the exteneded end with a lighter and set it to the mole. TO my suprise they do burn off and it gets sticky thou. I have like 2 that didnt fully come off but partly burned. I'll let this heal and deal with those even the flat ones I heated disapaited. I know I may get a scar or something but Id rather have the scar. Yesterady around 8 with my frozen burito for dinner I took flexril for my shins I think it was before 930 I drifted. There was sex yesterday after a theurpic visist with nDea I told him everything I thought abou eCarri and set bounderies so he knows this week that if he's with me she gets no acklowdegement at all. I think her phschopathism or wahtever it is has started to become a fixation of mine thou so I need to chill out and control that but I think yes she needs something IDK what she is clincially but she's nuts I know that and I consider her an abuser and have no resoect for her and I am offended and I do not want her in my life she's not the kinda company I preffer to keep althou shee seems to be the type I hand with. We will see what the future holds maybe I ;ll feel differnt . Of course lover is defending his abuser. I know he;s brainwashed and wahtever sorta games these type of people play so thats exspected. He's all its a wekk she wants half my jar of change. She wants this and that. yadaya. IDK and still when he talks about his trailer he always says "we" I dont think he knows how under her he is. He thinks oh they'll just be aquaintences after she leaves but he's thinking she may still need her key at first in case she ever needs to check on the dog. SMH anyhow that whole thing makes me nuts but if him and do live together she is not welcome in my home so I think that could be a hiccup he is eager to move together but we will see. I want to and I would like to get out this neighborhood bc crime and well my office manager is freakin well she's something else. I still need to order my walmart thing. I'm trying to carefully or more carefully watch my eating since I"m not running but also I think ill drink a bit this week bc the whole nDea thing is gonna be heartache. I need to check my budget. Mom finely texted me back yesterday that she doesnt want the workouts she read the reviews and said its not for her. I"m kinda sad but I know it doesnt work if ya dont do it and i can see how she may not benifit so Anyhow I spent around 25 got a cotton robe from amazon for her with no rush dleivery so the end of the week. She didnt ask for it but I like cotton and that one was on sale I went meduim and it is cotton which since I think certian clothing metarials are affecting us humans badly that exitciting for me to get her into safe cotton. Well I dont know now what else I was gonna write about today so this is it.

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