Sex, Alchemy and Craigslist
2021-04-25 19:23:19 (UTC)

A Sunday Evening

Oh the stories I can tell you! I got a text from Cooper on Friday wondering if he could be on the receiving end of a bj. The invite sounded like I was classless. What he didn't know, and what I'm about to tell you, is that a few hours earlier, I was going to text him with the same request. I didn't because it sounded cheap, and I don't treat ANYONE like a piece of ass.

To say we are connected, is an understatement. I've held him, I've spent the night, I've been the explosion that resulted in waking me from a deep sleep. And yet, I was never in the room. I was a fantasy. What I want is something he may not be ready for. I want to experience him again. I want to snuggle up with him and feed him my breast, I want to find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of the tootsie roll. I want to kiss him and feel that connection again. Alas, that is the part that may be too intimate for him.

I guess if he can imagine me, I could do the same.

It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon. "Round and Round" by Paul Weller is playing in the background. I've been invited over for grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade soup. He's in a pair of sweats, no shirt and slaving away on the soup. The house smells wonderful. I greet him with a hug, and sit at the kitchen counter. He serves me up a bowl of soup. "There is something extraordinarily sexy about a man who can cook, you know that." He smiles. The witty banter continues, and as I'm taking a spoonful of my soup, he proclaims he's never been objectified. "You never let anyone be in control, silly rabbit. You don't want to be objectified. That means they take what they want and leave you by the curb when they're done. But if that's what you want, I have a wad of singles. You can get on top of this counter, and give me a show." I laugh hysterically, unapologetically. He comes round from the other side of the counter and proclaims, he needs to be objectified. "You know that means the other person has their way with you, and you can't object. Is that what you want?" "Yes." I nod my head, and smile. I pull him closer to me, my arm wrapped around his waist. I wave him in closer, and kiss him on the cheek. "There, you've been objectified. Can I get back to my soup and this delicious grilled cheese?" He looked puzzled. "That's it? I make dinner, offer myself to you, and that's it?"

I peer over my glasses, take a deep breath, and lean back onto the counter.

"You know what?"
"You can never argue with the truth," with that being said, I grip him tighter to me. I held his face in my hands, and kissed him deeply. I pulled away, and he followed me for a second kiss.

He accomplished his goal that night. A good time was had by all.😉