This Is It - 2021
2021-04-25 00:00:00 (UTC)

Shop, Stop, Sleep


I am So Tired...

I stayed up super late talking to my mom last night/this morning, which was fine. I enjoyed our convo and thought I'd sleep away. But then at 10ish this morning our puppy broke out of her cage, which woke me up. And my mother, upon seeing me awake, asked if I wanted to go grocery shopping with her. And I wanted to sleep, but I wanted to spend time with her on one of her days off more, so off to the store we went. We got...a lot of food. We were very hungry while we shopped.

We finally got home at around 3 (both because shopping took a while and because the checkout at Walmart took Forever) and got frozen/refrigerated stuff put away. And I went right on back to sleep at 4:45ish. And had to wake right on back up again at 7 to do the mountain of homework I had due today because it's Sunday. But on top of the normal Sunday pile there was an additional annotated bibliography and two post tests totally around 160 questions due as well. Because it's almost finals time.

But now I am going back to sleep and I am going to enjoy my rest and not get woken up early by dog and shopping adventures

Y'know. Probably