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2021-04-25 22:59:26 (UTC)

Camping prep. Kayak ready 😊

Kayak was sitting for a season now. I don't recall the last time I used it. Maybe last...November??? Minor repairs and maintenance needed. Charged up the fish finder batteries only to find out some of the batteries are not holding it's charge anymore. Figured out the newest sets are 4 years old. So I had to order a few more sets. Cleaned the electric connectors. Programmed my fish finder for the lake I'm going to be going to this weekend. Good thing I started prepping early. One less thing to worry about. Tomorrow, I'm going to work on my camp bin. This is the one bin that has pretty much most of the cooking stuff I use except for my big pots, pans, and bowls. So that's it for today :)

Today's church service talked about something cool. Don't want to discuss the bible thumping stuff so I'll try to make it brief. The topic was in general self improvement and how God can help you with it. Pastor first referenced stuff in the bible. Then he went to present day and told us about a guy that had a failed marriage due to the wife having an affair. Anyway, with his going with God aka: self improvement in my book, this guy was able to overcome it. He saw his ex wife at the store one day and he was able to walk up to her and chat. He at that time told her that he forgave her and he had peace in his heart and that in itself showed how he became a better person.

Made me think since the same happened to me. I too feel I forgave my ex wife and have in my heart. She now lives her life and I do too. However, I don't know how I'd react if I saw her in person at the mall like the other guy. For me? I think maybe I'd get my gun, cock it but not pull the trigger. hehe. Does that count as me self improving at least a little bit? 🤪 Oh, I forgot. Hopefully there are no anti-gun advocates or whatever else advocates sending me messages telling me I'm now coercing people to shoot other people!!

That's it for tonight. Gonna be a busy week at work so I'm getting my last buzz of gyn and grapefruit juice for the night. Later diary :)

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