Being Sam
2021-04-25 19:22:58 (UTC)

It was good

I've had such a nice weekend! My dad came down and we took him to this nice hotel that's set up yule Lodge tents on the lawn with a fancy fountain and fire pits and sat in the sunshine having a drink and a meal as an early birthday thing for him. I think it was the first time back out for us since August! How crazy is that! It was such a nice afternoon though and we came back home and opened some wine and sat out in the garden. It was so nice to be able to go somewhere and to see my dad too for the first time in FOUR months! The girls loved it too and thought they were super cool with their glass bottled Fanta haha
I love it when the weather is like this! I also got a new Kindle because I'm pretty sure I left mine at the office and its always nice having a spare lol

Incase it isn't obvious, I'm very excited about the sun and people and going places and I loved it all!