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2021-04-25 13:03:06 (UTC)

Cottage Life & Coincidences

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"I know a beautiful soul when I feel one. The empath in me honors the authentic in you"
Good Afternoon!🌙
I was considering taking a break from writing but I enjoy writing. For me, it's a place to put my thoughts and feelings out. I decided to continue writing but to write more about things I am interested in or more of my spiritual side and feelings and keep my daily activities off here as things change. That said, I will be posting about the renos at the cottage planned as I am super excited about that!

My best friend E and I went to the cottage Saturday and met with my cousin and his friend (who both own the renovations company) and of course my aunt and uncle. We started the drive at 5am and made it there around 9am. I opened my cottage and picked up all the mothballs I keep around during the winter. Those help with any mice who may want to consider camping in for the winter. It felt SO good to be there. E had not seen the reno's in person yet so I showed him everything I had done last summer. They looked incredible. Far surpassed my expectations. My cousin was not there yet so we went to my uncles and had coffee while we waited. My uncle was so excited to see me and gave me his famous bear hug. I miss those lol. My aunt had made some fresh scones and we just sat down and talked. My cousin arrived around 10am and we ventured over and discussed last year's renos. The gazebo I had them build last year is a little smaller than I thought but it was a perfect size for the area I wanted it in. He told me he had to scale it to size as they were actually doing it because it was close to the boathouse. It looks perfect. The metal roofing looks amazing, I am glad I chose that color. Everything is perfect. We discussed the renos I want to do this time and it took a while as they had to do measurements and they brought a bunch of samples of things as I had given them a list of things I was hoping to do. I had told him as much as I love the sunroom, I wanted to make it more of a reading nook/breakfast cozy area instead of the office-type look. So some area rug, new furniture, and some window shades. That would be my job, not his. I mentioned wanting to remove the one tree, He brought up a good point. He said that the tree is supporting the bank to the water and removing it may cause the ground to lose its structure. Good point. He suggested letting the leaves fill in and in the summer we can look at thinning it out. Perfect! My cottage sits on a hill with stairs leading to the docks, halfway down that hill, to the left side is a little deck I had created where I put two Muskoka chairs and I usually have my morning tea there. I asked him if it's possible to update it as the wood is quite old and splinted and to put a stair on it leading back to the path so that's being done. We went through all the renos inside I want to do then we went back to my uncles and finished up the details. He is going to get back to me with the cost this week. I am soo excited! By the time we were done, it was almost 3:30 so my uncle invited us for dinner. We had an amazing bbq then left to go back home around 6:30. We debated on staying for the night but decided to go home. We made it home around 11:30. I was tired and a bit sunburnt lol, it's a long drive but so worth it. I am looking forward to spending a lot of my summer up there living the cottage life lol.

When I was laying in bed last night I was playing with an app I have, I don't put a lot of faith into those ghost apps but this one kinda freaked me out lol. It picks up words and EMFs of spirits (so they say lol) I asked it if anyone was here. After a moment of silence, it said: "Alice" So I asked if Alice lived here and was met with a "yes" then I said is there anyone else here and it said "Pamela" that point I shut it off lol. I was a bit freaked out by the Pamela comment at first, then sad. *A little backstory to her* I had a girlfriend all during school and a bit into university named Pamela, She passed away close to 10 years ago. I never knew how. Her sister told me complications of pneumonia but I heard from other friends it was an overdose which sounds plausible as that's one of the reasons I distanced myself, she was getting into drugs because she was dating a drug dealer. I am not about that. She changed and not for the good but that's not the only reason. Her boyfriend was a loser, He wanted was creepy and always finding reasons to touch me or be next to me. He would state how he wanted to sleep with me and made no secret of it around others. Pam tried to convince me to do it. When I asked why she would allow that she told me they had an agreement that if I would, he would let her sleep with his friend. I told her that sounded crazy and how I was not interested and even if I was, I would not do that to someone I consider a good friend. The guy she wanted to sleep with? I was getting close to. When I questioned him if he knew, he admitted he did and was ok with it. That was enough for me I pulled back from both of them and focused on school. Only until I bumped into her sister did I find out about her passing. I feel bad our friendship ended the way it did. Anyways, that was freaky but what freaked me out more was, this morning I looked up the papers to this house, my mortgage papers and it had the previous owners and Alice was the first owner here. She passed the house on to her granddaughter who I purchased from, now that freaked the bejesus out of me lol. I am not afraid of spirits but to know a name was a little intimidating lol. I want to try to play with it. I am not saying it works or doesn't but I do find two things to be too much of a coincidence lol.

Have a wonderful day!❤️

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