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2021-04-25 07:46:51 (UTC)

Getting ready for camping 😊

I don't know why but somehow someway I'm up so early on a Sunday morning. Who does that? I usually get up at the crack of.....10AM on a Sunday 🤪. Well, since I'm up, I guess I should plan my day. First thing? Coffee in bed. Now that I have it, I need to plan for next week's camping trip at Gray Pine Campground. We booked the group site there. Not sure how many peeps are going. I think around 60-70 of us maybe. There is a big lake about 1/2 hr away so I'm scoping it out right now online. Hope it'll be easy to launch my kayak. First time visiting East Lake reservoir. Should be good for bass, catfish, and crappie. I'll at least have my rigs set up for those type of fishes. No showers there but no biggie. I have a shower tent with all the gadgets needed to shower. hehe.

The lake is called East Park reservoir. Looks like a big enough lake so I should have fun there. I'm thinking I'll go there all day Saturday. I need to prep my kayak. I should test out my fish finder to make sure it boots up. Been awhile. Charge my fish finder batteries. Set up my rigs for the fish there. Get my camping gear dusted off and set up too. Friday I'll do some 4 wheeling at the campsite. Sunday I'll just chill and pack for the 2 hr drive home. Should be a lot of fun. The lake is supplying water down South for the farmlands I believe so it's really low. Well, I'm still gonna go kayak fishing.

I'm sure Friday may involve some alcohol around the campfire. Actually, just everywhere at the campground. lol. 😈 But I usually wait till everything has settled down, had dinner, got our gear laid out and assembled before we chill out. I'll have my wine of course. I like to plan my meals for the weekend and have a little extra emergency stuff in case someone is a little short. Normally, I make a free for all pancake breakfast for the kiddos Saturday morning but since the lake is a 1/2 hr drive, I may not do it this time. Should see some familiar faces and maybe even some new ones. It's been over a year since I last saw some of my meetup friends. Should be a lot of fun.

No residual effects from my shot. The feeling of the bruise is gone. Checked with my friends that had their shots at the same day I did and we're all alive and kicking. Still not 100% sure if I should have gotten the shots but oh well, the deed is done so it's time for me to move on to other things.

I washed my truck yesterday and of course, it's gonna rain today but I'll keep it in my garage. No plans to go anywhere today so I'll probably just put another light coat of wax that I really like. It's so easy to apply and it really brings out the shine in my truck. Water just beads off my truck so easily. I must've put so many layers on it and it must have so much protection from the sun now that I could take it around the sun and back and it probably won't melt with all the protection it has. 🤪

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