If I die today
2021-04-25 06:19:35 (UTC)

topics I care to share

Yesterday was useless. Lame . the most action was one short walk due to the leg shin pain thing. Otherwise rest and movies. Tried some wine but literly sips it wasnt what I needed . Duh but I had wanted t drink wine and watch this movie to sooth myself. Oh well it was for the best. The first movie I watched was comedy the rest all horror nonsence althou the comedy was less than honoring to God also kinda lude too. Anyhow fell back to sleep a little after 8 got up a little after 6 I'm on coffee now and a snack. I wanteched the Fullerton informer I found the channel Fullerton informer2 so thats where teh recent updates are I got thru the energy drink post from last week and now am doing thress company to lighten my mind but I'll have a bit to catch up. I'm not sure the plan this week excersize wise bc the shin. I'm considering yoga i know it has some sorta evil roots are stuff but I gotta discern what that is all about a little better . I can stick with classical stretich ok. Walking is ok but gets painful so I need to set the limits on that. I'm going to go ahead and order moms mothersday gift the workouts she has not yet said yes or no so after I place my walmart order today I'm just ordering that and if she doesnt like it or use oh well and I' mean crap worse case scenerio I'll tell her ship them to me and I'm sure I can get a dvd player. I feel like I' asked on Friday and told her I need to order saturday so well todays enough time. I understand things go on and she has priorities and heartaches we talked yesterday I'm not bitter just frustrated but I am porbally guilty of the same putting people off with priorites. I need to talk nDea bc I think for me if he wants to do stuff with me he cannot attend to eCarri at all on my time or cut me bc obligations to her. I want to ask him how he would feel if I just let him attend to her this week and left him alone. I dont even like texting him anymore bc I assume she's all in his business. I have to tell him about my feelings bc honestly if we live together and its my home i;m not comfortable with her. Ok maybe she's not full blown narisistic to the T but she's a phsycopath or something. I know I'm not a charm to her but I dont trust her. In my eyes she's an abuser and abusive and unstable. SO I need to put all this out there so he doesnt hinkg I'm neglecting him this week till she is hopefully out I want to start making some better changes in my life and figuring out how to share the profitable solid knowldge I have to help release people for the lies of this world. I know they'll take it or leave it but who is they? and what do I reall really know that I have to share? Anyhow I have to start searching but my 125% run in life I need to start being more careful with whats in the body Im not ready to quick drinking but I can start elimating some things maybe cut back on the caffeine and start looking at whats really on my plates I like to eat out whenever possible so I gotta pick humble alteratives. Anyhow I have a bit of chores to do nDea sent me a message good night aht also said I lll see ya tommorwo so I think we have plans today I dont wanna be a narsist or pschyopath ao I need to be carefuwl how I handle him. I'm not trying to be vengerful or maniltpliative and he's the best man ever in my life and I want him. I love him but I want to do it right. so I need to collect myself . Oh and baout all this healhty choice tihng I gotta start thinkging about electronics and how I can choose to protecct myself and occupy myself in less harmful ways. so outdoor time. Maybe more writing. I really need to return to prayer and the LORD anyway and I'm so whatever that I just dont. I need to be more displined. but I suppose I can find things I like to do that are peaceful and profitable and safe. I do have limited endurance physcially on occasion but might be corretable. Things I'm passionate about and would want others to know and understand hopefully better than I do in truth if I have unlimited willingness oppruinty and ability topics that I feel passionate include:
-Lbgtq(xyz) adgenda
-goverment control socailist healthcare
-food labels and nutrion info
-self defence preseravtion and protection

thats 10 things so general idea of my abitions and passions if I die well I wish I'd impacteed. Anyhow those that know me know what stance I would take on these topics so can chew on that. least for the next 90years I can try to tackle something in life have a purpose for today. Guess Ill go with grace I have htings to order end of the month ordeal