Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-04-25 11:10:26 (UTC)


My sex drive is going jhdkjsdagfkgdsahfgdhsgahjfgaaaaaah, and my masturbation is torturous. During it mainly, the imagery in my mind was when 'my guy' engulfed his mouth between my legs and when he double busted me. Over and over and over again, I'm fucking him.

I can't go on masturbating over our memories, and I need him out of them. So, I'm 90% thinking I will give Ed the go-ahead to fuck me. It will be better for me out of the options I have right now because Ed and I won't have a relationship and won't consider one. The best way for me to get some newer memories too, and play with him while I'm looking for someone more suitable. Ed knows my angle that I am looking for a man, and we will stay as friends if I meet someone I consider of value for a relationship. Lol, he is like the devil on my shoulder, ready to bust me up when I need it, man or not. LOL. He is such a filth pot.

I won't waste my time on nice guys; they are always boring in the sheets.

I didn't go on a dating site last night; after all, I fell asleep to something on Netflix. Ah, it was one of those times you drift off blissfully after orgasming for the third time. Not sure what happened in the film on Netflix, lol. Also, it is laborious to chat away on a dating site to boring guys repeatedly. And you don't know what you're getting until later down the line, dates etc.

Who knows, I might change my mind about the dating sites in a few days, or even later, lol. I might even mindfuck some for the fun of it. Well, we're all in the game in those playing grounds. :))
They don't pay my bills, and I have no ties, so I'll do what I want until a man shows me he can add value to my life. I don't care. The other guys that are sending morning messages and investing effort in me, I'm bored with, and I guess one could say, I am a selfish cunt by offering breadcrumbs. It only makes them more persistent, but again, I don't care either way; I'll be nice-ish.

Fookin, freezing today!