This Is It - 2021
2021-04-24 00:00:00 (UTC)

Mother-Child Talk Show


I spent most of my awake time today sitting outside with my mom while she smoked and we talked about...pretty much anything, honestly. I like just relaxing with her. She designated tomorrow a day where we're "Getting stuff done," so today we chilled out a bit. And then I guess tomorrow we're gonna get some stuff done.

- I actually took a break in the middle of writing this to go hang with my mom on the porch again. Planned on just petting some cats (the cat I've been re-taming let my mom pet her too!) and having a laugh, but we ended up talking about some light stuff and dark stuff and everything in between for a couple HOURS so. I really do enjoy spending nice time with her. Enjoying the fact that I'm now going to bed at 5:30am a little less, but oh well -

I've been thinking about the upcoming summer quite a bit these past few days. I kind of want to go "early-2000s coming-of-age movie" style with it and make a bucket list of stuff to do and just try to have a ~summer to remember~ before I go off back to my apartment and my sister starts college and all of that. I love the ideas of bucket lists for a certain amount of time and trying to make the Best of things. The last time I tried, conflict in the group stopped us from doing much of it - though we DID watch the sunset (and the ISS once) from the top of a parking garage - but if I go Less People (also because...COVID's still a thing), that won't be a problem! I'll talk to D tomorrow and see what she thinks, but I think it would be really awesome! Being an adult doesn't mean we can't still have fun (Actually, to be honest, it makes a lot of the stuff they do in those coming-of-age movies more realistic. I know my mom wasn't letting me drive off into Nowhere with no adults when I was 16)

But I'll worry about working stuff out more when I'm more awake. It's late (extra late now) I need Sleep

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