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2021-04-25 01:06:39 (UTC)

Ok Cupid

So it's pathetic and I know it but I decided to expand my friend circle by creating a profile on Ok Cupid. Well they say that you can use it for that but really we know that people are there for dating or sex. In my profile I made sure that I said I was just looking for friends and that futhermore I'm in a legal domestic partnership. Well I figured that would kill all interest right there but I was happily surprised this morning when I received a message from a lady my exact age with enough similarities to form some sort of common ground but enough differences to interest me. We chatted briefly. I got good vibes. So, who knows maybe we'll meet for a drink one day. It is quite possible that I've been watching too many "Sex and the City" re-runs and that I have a slightly unrealistic expectation of what female friendships are actually about but it still feels like a worthy venture. So many of us get coupled or married and then our lives become more and more about a partner until we turn around and realize that there used to be so much more and there should still be so much more. So here's hoping that I'm able to recover myself as I should be. My old friendships had to naturally fall away. I was dysfunctional and so were they. We had tons of good times but we grew apart and I am happy to say that I healed and I matured. But that said, the fun doesn't have to stop just because I don't do drugs anymore. This can be a whole new chapter of discovering who I am as a mostly sober woman in this different phase of life.

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