my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-04-24 20:18:06 (UTC)


Today I woke up late,too. Actually, I used to have some online classes for today, but I missed them. I’m not regretful. Then, I read a book, and studied. Today was very productive for me. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, I’m planning to study a lot. So, I can have a little rest next week.

After my studies, I joined a meeting with my voluntary work friends. Actually, I saw the board of directors for the first time. Now, I’m a member that group. I was chosen as the president pf education committee.

I was nervous during the meeting. Admin was a girl around my age, but she was looking older than me. I was the first participant of meeting. We talked a little bit while waiting for other people. I tried to speak sincerely, but she was too formal. I was regretful becauase of my speaking way.

They told me that the meeting will be last for an hour, but it lasted for almost 15 minutes. Interesting. After the meeting, I ate dinner.

End of the day, I was going to complete my philosophy term paper. But instead of that, I chatted with my friends while drinking coffee.

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