If I die today
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2021-04-24 07:18:20 (UTC)

sick date

Well last night was another drinking date vodka and cranberry plus we cracked open the wine and mixed that and thats when about 1a ish I got sick it was over. I didnt actually get sick but close I was no good. So eCarri is reared her head up texting offering him sex and everything while we were on a date. Im so annoyed shes a narricist phsycopath and I know thi s is her final week the move is supposed to be the 1st but I have to tell him bounderies this week bc I cant take it I'm getting pissed. Other than the drinking I have a problematic shin splint going on in the left leg so I didnt eve run yesterday. I'm kinda hungoverish I suppose I'just dam not right so guess this is all I can say for right now.

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